Dear friends

Vidarbha Gazette completes one year!

In this year we have shared more than 140 pieces of writing, in English. Marathi and only one in Hindi. Our topics ranged from politics, economics, history, environment, Adivasi rights to culture and poetry. Vidarbha Gazette garnered more than 88000 (eighty eight thousand) views and we are extremely grateful to the readers who were generous with their time, feedback, criticism and comments. We received more than 200 comments on the website and hundreds more over WhatsApp. Our Facebook page and YouTube channel, launched very recently, is beginning to get ‘friends’ and ‘followers’.

We want to acknowledge the following contributors who not only shared their writings but also many inputs about the content:

Abhijit Mendhe (Amravati)

Anirban Bandopadhyay (Bhubhaneshwar)

Bandopant Bodhekar (Chandrapur)

Harshad Jadhav (Parbhani)

Ishita Mahajan (Nagpur)

Jayashree Kapse (Chandrapur)

Jyoti Khandpasole (Amravati)

Limesh Kumar (Chandrapur)

Modhumita Goswami (New Delhi)

Nitin Sinha (Berlin)

Prabhu Rajgadkar (Nagpur)

Pramodkumar Anerao (Buldhana)

Pratik Mohurle (Mul)

Pravin Khandpasole (Amravati)

Rajesh Jadhav (Nagpur)

Preetisha Saha (Chandrapur)

Saumya Dey (New Delhi)

Shrikant Sao (Chandrapur)

Suresh Chopane (Chandrapur)

Vijay Sidhawar (Mul)

Vikas Pathak (New Delhi)

Yogesh Dudhpachare (Chandrapur)

Last but not the least we want to thank Deonath Gandate and Sarika Jadhav for their technological support.

Vidarbha Gazette aims to keep Vidarbha region as its primary focus and we have tried to provide maximum space to the voices and concerns from the area. In this very first year, our stories covered Chandrapur, Gadchiroli, Amravati and Nagpur districts. In coming years it is our dream to bring stories from all the eleven districts.

As we enter the second year, we seek your ideas, feedback and support. Do write in for we love to hear from you.

Thanks again!

Paromita Goswami and Kalyan Kumar