What’s your age?
Many a time people ask me-
” What’s your age?”
Now ,what will I tell them?
Do I really know for sure?
The moment the plane goes zooming above me on the traffic packed overbridge ,
I am a five year old.
While watching TV with my son,
I am just nine or ten,
And when I dance to a tapping tune,
I am not more than sixteen!
As I sooth the sorrow of a friend in need
I am forty indeed.
During my chat with my pets and the squirrel that plays in my lawn,
My age is theirs.
What’s in a age?
Just a number, is it anything more?
Do the glowing sun or the flowing river age?
They just evolve their forms ,
The way I am changing too.
As the day journeys towards the night’s abode
After life’s tireless ebb and flow,
We will finally find eternal home.
My friend! Age does not matter;
The life lived to the fullest does!
Modhumita Goswami
Modhumita Goswami is an educator who loves children. She has studied English Literature from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and Mass Communication from Jadavpur University. Her writings have appeared in various magazines and newspapers. She has travelled extensively in India and abroad gathering memories along the way. Her writings are a reflection on the myriad experiences of life.