Irregular Ration Supply to Kolam Tribals 

Kolam tribals of Jivti taluka are not being provided foodgrains through the PDS on a regular basis. The Kolam Adivasis are included in Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group and they should be extended special protection by the administration. Given the fact that the Adivasis suffer from malnutrition their food security should be a matter of grave concern for the district administration, but there are serious lapses in the ration supply. In Dhanakdevi Village of Jivti which has 102 Kolam households were given the ration of August in the month of September. Thereafter they were given the ration quota of September in November. The quota of October and November is yet to be given to them. This is a serious allegation was made on behalf of the villagers by Smt. Vimalbai Kodape, a Kolam lady who is trying to take up the matter with the Anna Puravtha Adhikari of Jivti. She wants the Taluka and the District Supply Officers to hold the shopkeeper, one Shantaram Potdukhe of Gadchandur, accountable and ensure that the ration is supplied regularly every month.