Yes, it happened in this Bharatvarsa
Indra – the king of Gods, the lord of thunder
Was beaten to death
On independence day
For trying to quench his thirst.
What use is Amrit mahotsav
When a sweet little boy cannot drink
From an earthen pot?
Was he not Amritasya Putra
The deathless son of an ancient race?
Evidently not.
What use are these claims of the Vishwaguru
When a sweet little boy is not safe
From the wrath of his own teacher – his own guru?
What use these abhiyans, these campaigns
To fly flags atop every roof
When one sweet little boy
Came home from school
Wrapped in a shroud?
What use the jayjaykaar of Bharat mata
When one Mata’s one question had no answer
“What wrong did my child do?”
His mistake was he did not know
The pot had no water
Only the poison of caste discrimination.
I am sorry sweet child that you are dead
While I am still alive.
But perhaps you are in a sweet place
Where the sweetest water arises
From the depths of love
And quenches the thirst of all
Without hatred.
Drink your fill sweet child,
Sing and dance and be happy.
This cruel nation
Never deserved you.
– Paromita