These two poems written by Pramodkumar Anerao were translated from Marathi by Paromita Goswami. Both are included in his anthology Kahi Sangtach Yet Nahi (2021). Pramodkumar Anerao writes on contemporary themes of alienation and uncertainties of modern life. He is also an avid illustrator and has designed several book covers. He contributes regularly to newspapers and magazines.




Insufficient evidence

Hence case dismissed.

Murderers roam the streets in sufficient numbers, sufficiently scot-free

To commit sufficiently heinous crimes.

Killers of sufficient repute luxuriate

Sufficiently ensconced within their sufficiently set-up system.

The bodies inflamed with the pox-sores of insufficiency

Belong to us, of course.

The day is insufficiently bright.

The night can barely be called night

The cupped palms of the new moon carry insufficient darkness

The face of the full moon lacks sufficient lustre,

The sails lack sufficient winds to reach the harbour

The directions hesitate without sufficient confidence.

The rivers bear insufficient water

The trees lack sufficient wood

Even the shadows fall short of height

The storm never rages enough to uproot.

The voice is barely sufficient to express the depths of soul

The words never sufficient to express the meanings.

Neither is adequate justice indexed under ‘justice’

Nor sufficient injustice under ‘injustice’.

Neither enough breath survives to prove existence of life

Nor enough intuition to prove an imaginative space

Not enough life remains and yet not sufficiently dead.

Imperfect memories in memorials, insufficient wood in pyres.

The glare of politics does not have the required power

Enlightenment does not bring the required light.

Insufficient streams flow into rivers

Insufficient ideas flow into ideals.

Nothing is sufficiently complete, neither here nor there.

We all remain in a state of lacking

Somewhat living in a deficient world

Like a mechanical toy or puppet

We remain sufficiently insufficient.


Unreal Reality 

(Kiti Vichitra Ahe He …)

How strange, unreal is this reality

Tentacles of cities strangulate forests

Piped rivers carry sludge of pleasant drudgery,

Trees snatch away shadows

From underneath shade seekers.

Markets display glittering wares

Whose costs reach the sky

Except men – those still come cheap.

We forget what remains in our hands

And chase mindlessly after whatever absconds,

Stray beasts block roads.

Unnerving shrieks deliver mantras of peace

When will this strangeness ever cease?

The sparrows have disappeared

Nightingales choke on their songs

Chimneys multiply to belch out smoke everywhere

Pigeons flutter in the town square

What ghastly unreal reality is this!

Shadows extend to engulf men

All of a sudden.

– Translated by Paromita Goswami 

– Illustrations by Pramodkumar Anerao