Kolam Youths Allege Toolkit Scam

Complain against ITI Jivti to Tribal Development Project Officer, Chandrapur


A group of youths belonging to the Kolam community from Jivti and Korpana blocks of Chandrapur district met the TDPO to complain about corruption in toolkit purchase by ITI Jivti. All the youths have completed the required skill development course and were promised toolkits worth Rs.50,000 and Rs.1,00,000 depending upon the course. But when they saw the toolkits that ITI Jivti sought to distribute, they refused to accept the same because the total worth of the materials was far less than the sanctioned amount.

The youths made the first complaint on 18 April and again they met the TDPO Mr. Muruganantham yesterday. The TDPO assured them that he would initiate inquiry and look into the matter personally.

According to the quotations available in the open market, it is alleged that there is a difference is between 50 to 100 percent or more in the prices of various materials. For instance a steel ruler which costs Rs. 70 in the open market has been shown as purchased at Rs.354 in the records of ITI Jivti. A digital clamp meter worth Rs. 2650 was purchased at Rs.6136. A screwdriver set worth Rs. 274 was shown purchased at Rs. 1298.

The youth group comprised of Vilas Limba Kodape, Paggu Nayaku Atram, Praveen Kanhu Sidam, Vinod Madavi, Maroti Pagu Kodape, Suryakant Maru Kodape and Praveen Maroti Kumre. They were supported by Vimalbai Kodape, secretary Shramik Elgar.